How to Use a Proper Grout Cleaner 

Not all cleaning products are created equal. You wouldn’t use the same cleaner on your hardwood floor as you would your dishes, would you? Grout needs to be cleaned with a specific grout cleaner. Most regular household cleaners cannot fully get grout clean or lift stains. At Grout Shield, our grout cleaners are pH-balanced to protect grout and formulated to lift stains from grout.  

Our grout cleaners also make it easier to clean grout, so you don’t have to spend hours tirelessly scrubbing trying to get dirt and scum out of your grout lines.  

 With the right grout-cleaning products and tools, cleaning your grout clean be quicker, easier, and require less elbow grease than what you’d expect. At Grout Shield, we provide quality grout cleaners that have been helping people finally get that grime off their grout! 

 Below, we have shared a list of our grout cleaner products, and how to use each one. These instructions will help you easily clean away the dirty grout that you’ve been tirelessly trying to clean with other products and other ways for years. 

 Before use: Sweep or dust the area to make sure any loose debris is gone from the tile and grout. A mop is recommended for cleaning. 

Grout Shield Maintenance Cleaner – This is a neutral pH-cleaner that helps the grout lines look and be renewed and clean. It is a non-combustible, fast-acting concentrate. 

To use: 1. Dilute in water. Dilution rate is 2 oz. to 1 gallon of water. 2. Apply to the surface with a damp mop or sponge. After application, the cleaner will start to dissolve grease, dirt, and oil. 3. Towel dry the area. Our maintenance cleaner comes in different sizes, depending on the size of the surface you’re cleaning. 

Grout Shield Grout & Tile Deep Cleaner –  For a deep clean, we offer the grout & tile cleaner. This product lifts dirt out from the pore of the grout. 

To use: 1. Mix 1 oz of the deep cleaner with 8 oz of warm water. 2. Brush into the grout. 3. Let the mixture sit on your grout for a few minutes. 4. Wipe clean with a sponge. 

 Purchasing Grout Shield Cleaner 

Many regular cleaners at the store or online can be harsh on grout and can actually crack or break your grout over time. Our products are safe. Also, with our products, you don’t have to hire an expensive grout cleaning company to clean your grout for you.

Whether there’s minor discoloration or years of grime deep in your grout lines, one of our cleaners can lift any oil, dirt, or grease that’s sitting on and below the surface. Our cleaners come in a variety of sizes that work well for both homes, businesses, or cleaning companies.   

As you can see by the instructions, our products are easy to use, and don’t require tireless scrubbing. To learn more about our cleaners, click our grout cleaner page or call 239-768-6809 or call toll free at 1-800-631-0716 with any questions. 


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