Purchase the Best Grout Cleaner in Corpus Christi 

Corpus Christi is known for its beaches, which means there are lots of tourists, businesses and hotels around. It’s important for these businesses and hotels to look their best, so people continue coming back. One way to improve the look of a business, which is often overlooked, is the grout. Grout’s color can completely transform the look of a space. Dull, dirty grout can turn off tourists, while bright, clean grout makes a room look inviting.  

As a Corpus Christi business, you want to get your grout properly cleaned and sealed year-round, so your space looks new and clean and inviting for all guests.  

Believe it or not, most cleaners out there cannot properly clean grout. Many cleaners are not made for grout. In fact, many cleaners will compromise or break the grout due to their harsh ingredients. Our grout cleaners are safe to use on grout and pH-balanced! We makes products SPECFICALLY for grout. Grout requires different cleaning than other surfaces in your home or business.  

You can find the best grout cleaning and grout sealing products in Corpus Christi on www.groutshields.com. We can quickly and safely ship our grout products to you, whether you plan to use it in your business’ kitchen, pool, bar, bathroom, or hotel lobby. Our grout products are customizable for all size rooms and colors.  

 With our grout restoration products, you can get your tile and grout looking like new again without endless scrubbing or spending lots of money. Our products are just a click away! 

If you live in or own a business in Corpus Christi, you likely have grout somewhere in your home or property that has gotten dirty over the years from foot traffic or spills.  It can be difficult and nearly impossible to clean grout with regular household cleaners. Grout Shield can help you clean, seal, and restore your grout and tile for good. Our products work fast, and they are affordable.  

To repair your grout, here are some simple steps to fix it without hiring a professional. You or your employees can easily use and apply Grout Shield products to your tile and grout.   

  • Buy a grout that matches your current grout (or as close as possible).   
  • Remove any loose or broken grout.   
  • Clean the grout lines where you removed the damaged grout with some cold water. You can also use Grout Shield’s Grout & Tile Cleaner to lift deep stains.  
  • Towel dry the area.   
  • Follow the grout instructions to prepare the grout mixture. Keep mixing the grout, and add in Grout Shield’s color sealer to match the color of your grout.  
  • Fill the lines with the grout and make sure the grout is level and straight.  
  • Clean the tiles off with a sponge.  

For a cleaning only, use Grout Shield’s grout maintenance cleaner (throughout the yearor the Grout & Tile Cleaner(for older or tougher stains). These grout cleaners will remove any excess dirt or grease from old or new grout. These grout cleaners will also clean and remove any previous grout sealer that was on the grout. 

After the area is cleaned and dry, apply Grout Clear Sealer or grout color sealer. The color grout sealer will change the color of your grout and can transform the look of a room. Grout sealer will prevent the grout from becoming stained or discolored in the future. 

If you need to clean, seal, or restore your grout in Corpus Christi, you will not regret purchasing Grout Shield products. They will make your grout look new again. Our products are great for homes, businesses, pools, restaurants, hotels, parks, libraries, stores, museums, offices, and more!   

To purchase Grout Shield grout cleaners, grout sealers, or accessories, or to learn more, click ourgrout productspage or call 1-800-631-0716. 

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