How to Enhance Your Stone Tile Inside Or Outside Your Home or Business

Stone tile is beautiful. It can also be expensive to install. Since you spent time and money to install such beautiful tile work, you want to keep it clean and new looking all year long. Whether your stone tile is indoors or outdoors, it can get dirty and dull quick. From foot traffic and dirt to sun and water damage, your tiles come against a lot of harsh elements. Over time, your stone tile can begin to look dull.

You may have tried other cleaners and soaps, but your tile never seems to look like what it used to. Grout Shield can help. Grout Shield’s enhancer seal can enhance the look of your tile! It can bring out the colors in natural stones like terrazzo, tumbled marble, terracotta, and slate.

Using a spray bottle, spray the enhancer seal all over the tile. After spraying, wipe it down with a chamois. In just seconds, you will see how vibrant your stone tile becomes revealing colors you probably didn’t even remember were originally in the tile.

Click the video below to watch how easy it is to restore your natural stone tiles:

Grout Shield’s Enhancer Seal can make your stone tiles look vibrant and new. It is available in 8 ounces (covers 250 square feet), 16 ounces (covers 500 square feet), and a gallon bottle (covers 4,000 to 6,000 square feet).

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