How to Color Seal Pitted Tile

What is pitted tile? Pitted tile has a rough surface and texture – it is not smooth and sleek feeling or looking. Can this tile’s grout be sealed? It can.

By using Grout Shield’s brush applicator and Grout Shield’s color sealer, you can recolor and seal the pitted tile. Just squeeze the color sealer into the applicator all over the tile and grout lines and into the pits of the tile. Then, take your hand and spread the excess around and make sure it’s filling all the pits. Then, you take a moist chamois and white off the excess in circular motions.  Finally, seal it off with a clear grout sealer. You can transform your darkened pitted tiles to a brighter color that is more uniform and clean looking.

The color sealer is a penetrating sealer designed to revitalize and restore the desired color to your grout and pitted tile.

Grout Shield’s color sealer is a colorant and sealer all in one. It will change the look of your tile while also protecting it. It can even make the pits look smaller and less pronounced.

Check our video below to learn how to use Grout Shield’s color sealer on pitted tile.

Our color sealers come in 8 ounces (covers 250 square feet), 16 ounces (covers 500 square feet), and one gallon (covers 4,000 to 6,000 square feet). We also have a 2-ounce sample size that covers up to 10 square feet.

For more information on grout color sealers or to purchase Grout Shield products, click our grout sealers page, or call toll free at 1-800-631-0716.

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