Are Grout and Caulk the Same Thing?

Many people don’t know that grout and caulk are different things. Many people think you can use grout or caulk for projects, but they are not the same thing and they are not used for the same process. Caulk is not another word for grout and vice versa.

Grout is made up of cement, sand, and sometimes tint. Grout is used to fill in spaces and lines in between tiles. Grout helps keeps tiles from moving, cracking or chipping. Grout is porous and should be sealed after it is applied to keep it protected from spills, dirt, liquids, mold, etc.

Grout can be sanded (cement-based grout but sand is added), non-sanded, and epoxy grout, which is the most durable grout.

To keep your grout clean and protected throughout the year, you need to use a grout cleaner and sealer, not just any cleaner.

Grout Shield’s Grout & Tile Deep Cleaner help lifts deep stains your grout. This product is great if you haven’t cleaned your grout in a long time. Grout Shield’s Maintenance Cleaner will help you clean the grout on a regular basis throughout the year. Grout Shield’s cleaners are pH balanced and do not harm the grout. After cleaning the grout and letting it dry, you can apply Grout Shield Color Sealer or Clear Sealer, which will protect the grout from absorbing things it comes in contact with.

Unlike grout, caulk is soft, rubbery, and flexible. It is applied along seams and edges where two different surfaces meet. The purpose of caulk is to act as a sealant and to keep water leakage from occurring. Caulk can be used to fill in gaps, cracks, and breaks in tiles, windows, baseboards, doors, and more. Caulk can dry out or shrink so it cannot be used in place of grout. Caulk can be latex, silicone, specialty, and siliconized acrylic latex.

Before you caulk something in the bathroom, make sure you should be using caulk and not fixing or restoring your grout instead.

If you’re looking to restore your dirty and/or dull grout lines, consider Grout Shield. Our products will “wow” you!

Grout Shield’s grout products can clean and restore your floors and other tile and grout services and have them shining again. Our color sealer can even change the color of your grout to give your room and home a whole different look.

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