Stump Removal In Marco Island: The How To’s

A stump can be pretty unsightly. The tree that once stood where the stump is was far more visually pleasing to look at; however, a stump doesn’t have to just be a stump – there’s a lot of things you can do with a stump in your yard.

  • Remove it. Yup, if you can’t stand the sight of the stump, or it’s getting in the way of mowing, your best bet is to get it professionally removed. The tree specialists can grind the stump down to make mulch, which you can use on your property. You also can plant a new tree or plant in spot of this old tree in the future.
  • Turn the stump into a pot. Hollow out the center of the stump, fill with soil, and plant a flower or pretty plant in there.
  • Cover the stump in your yard with a planter.
  • If your stump is taller, you can use it as a little table, especially for kids. Just bring over chairs!
  • Plant climbing vines or plants to cover the stump.
  • Surround the stump with tall grass.
  • Plant hydrangeas or azaleas around the stump. These shrubs can handle the roots of the stump and grow and thrive around them.
  • Paint the stump a fun color.
  • Carve your family’s names into the stump.

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do with a stump. However, if you hate the stump, call on tree specialists to remove it. Our stump grinding professionals at Fortune’s Landscape Services are trained and certified to use special machines for stump grinding and removal in Marco Island.

We will use a high-powered stump grinder to grind and chip away at the stump and remove it out of the ground.

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