Keeping Your Trees Maintained & Healthy In Marco Island

You probably care for your grass, shrubs, flowers, and other plants on your property, but do you care for your trees? Or, do you think trees are fine on their own? Trees need TLC too! Every tree species requires a different kind and level of care. If you have different trees in your yard, take time to research the trees. Learn all about them including their likes and dislikes. What makes them happy? What makes them sad? Get to know your tree and you can keep it healthy year-round.

Here are some ways to keep your trees happy and healthy throughout the year:

  • First things first, make sure your tree is planted in an ideal place on your property. You want it to have enough space to grow. You want to make sure it isn’t too close to the house (if big), or powerlines, or underground piping and line.
  • Water your trees, especially if it hasn’t rained in a while. Older trees should be given one inch of water per week while new trees need four to 10 gallons of water each week for the first couple of seasons.
  • Fertilize the trees to give them proper nutrients.
  • Test your soil on occasion to make sure it isn’t lacking nutrients the trees need to grow.
  • Mulch around the tree (but not right up to the base). The mulch keeps soil dry.
  • Trim back branches throughout the year, but no don’t over trim.
  • Remove dead or weak branches.
  • Get your trees checked out at least once a year by a tree specialist to look for diseases, fungi, pests, infestations, and weaknesses. Tree professionals can also trim the trees and care for the soil around the trees for you.


Need help caring for your trees? Taking care of your trees can be time consuming and complicated if you are unsure of what you’re doing. Your best bet is to hire a tree professional who will keep your trees looking good all year long.

Our team at Fortune’s Landscape Services are licensed professionals have been maintaining and taking care of trees for years! We can evaluate your trees and check on them periodically to make sure they are growing and thriving. We do what we can to save your trees.

Fortune’s is a Marco Island Landscaping Company based in Marco Island, Florida. We service customers and care for trees in Marco Island and the Isles of Capri in Naples, Florida. Contact us at 239-438-7070 or click Marco Island tree service page to set up an appointment with one of our tree specialists.


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