What Happens During a Home Remodel

When you are choosing a contractor, you need to choose one who is honest, trustworthy, reputable, licensed, skilled, insured, and fair. You need to get a quote and decide if you communicate and get along well with this person. If so, hire them and you can begin the project.

If you’re doing a home remodel, the contractor will come by your home to view the current look of the room. He/she will learn what you want to change, keep, or improve. You want to give the contractor an idea of how frequently you use the space and the purpose of the room.

The contractor will ask you what you want the remodel to achieve. Do you want just an updated look? Do you need more space? More storage?

The contractor, most likely with his/her designer, will help you come up with different ideas to design your goals. He/she will let you know what will work and what cannot work.

The contractor will let you know how he/she operates during a home remodel, so you will know what steps to expect and what will be going on in your home. He/she will let you know how many people are working on the project and who to expect inside your home.

The budget/quote will change as you continue to make decisions on materials and ideas throughout the project, so don’t be surprised if costs go up or down based on what you select.


Get Your Contractor’s License

If you want to be a licensed contractor, our team can help make that happen. We will put all your paperwork together and send it off to the Board for approval. 95 percent of our clients get approved the first time. We help contractors get licensed in all 50 states. You need a contractor’s license to work legally.

To get your Florida contractor’s license, Georgia contractor’s license, or other state license, click our Florida contractor’s license page or call us at 239-777-1028. We make the process easy and less stressful for you!

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