Led2Serve with a successful BB Central Florida Event headed by Vanessa and Yolanda Puleo

Led2Serve, a 501(c)(3) organization, announced today the success of it’s partnership event with Basket Brigade Central Florida. Led2Serve was asked to oversee the organization, logistics, and volunteer teams to assist in BBCF’s 20th Annual food outreach effort. The Central Florida community once again came together to deliver tailor-made food baskets to the doors of families in need. Over 1,800 families were delivered Thanksgiving food baskets on Saturday, November 18th. Approximately three hundred local serve team members took part in this years event, making it the largest in the history of Basket Brigade Central Florida.


This international effort was created by Tony Robbins and was built on a simple option: one small act of generosity on the part of one caring person can transform the lives of hundreds. Founded by Joetta Raylots, 20 years ago, the Basket Brigade Central Florida event continues to touch the lives of many. People fill, decorate, and even donate for the creation and delivery of food baskets throughout the area.

Led2Serve partners with companies and outreach events such as Basket Brigade, as a continuation of it’s mission to equip, inspire, and mobilize people with a heart to serve, to serve others in their communities.
“We’re inspired to partner with any event, or company, with the heart and intention of serving others. Our corporate donor program now enables us to equip even more people to give of their time and efforts to support others,” stated Vanessa Puleo, Founder and Executive Director of Led2Serve.


Participation in making this BBCF event a success came from both individuals and school groups from Bishop Moore Catholic High School, Disney Performers, Lake Highland Preparatory School and the UCF Black Faculty and Staff Association. Corporate donors and sponsors for this event included Nuquest, Cox Media Group, Nejame Law, Centra Care, Abercrombie P.A., The Salvation Army, and 27Community Connection, to name a few.


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